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With modern improvements in technology the charger is an important tool to assist in the correct working of your battery and correctly specified can significantly increase the working life of your investment as well as substantially reducing your energy costs and Co2 footprint. 

Click on the links below for more information, and please feel free to Chat to us so we can offer our professional help to ensure you make an informed choice.

EVOpunti - WB Powersource - 50hz chargers
50Hz Chargers

We offer single and three phase 50Hz chargers where low cost and sturdiness is important 

Click here to view Specification

Kronos1b - WB Powersource - high frequency batteries
High Frequency

High Frequency (HF) chargers are lighter and can be wall mounted.  They offer much reduced energy and CO2 emissions compared to conventional 50Hz chargers 

Click here to view our High Frequency Charger selection

Fronius charger - WB Powersource
Specialist Chargers

We offer bespoke chargers where fast charging or arduous conditions may be experienced. 
Contact us for details. 

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