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recon 3pzs465 - WB Powersource

If you have an older truck or one which only has light usage the cost of a new battery may be prohibitive.  WB Powersource can offer our guaranteed power reconditioned batteries which have at least 70% of the original capacity remaining for these applications. 

With warranties ranging from one year to three years with our recon and ex-rental range of batteries we have a battery in stock to suit every budget, all fitted by our own service engineers on site to reduce your downtime to a minimum.

The old cells would be removed from the battery tray, the tray would then be cleaned, inspected and repainted in acid resistant paint before the replacement cells are fitted with new connectors, plugs and harnesses. 
If the tray is damaged then we can often supply reconditioned trays as part of our service to you.

As part of the service we would also collect and dispose of your old battery in accordance to current UK legislation to give you complete peace of mind.

WB Powersource
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