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Fronius charger 1 - WB Powersource

With modern improvements in technology the high frequency charger is an important tool to assist in the correct working of your battery and correctly specified can significantly increase the working life of your battery fleet as well as substantially reducing your energy costs and CO2 footprint.  Whilst being a larger initial investment compared to conventional 50Hz chargers the time taken before the ROI is achieved is relatively short and over time large savings are proven.
We offer several types of high frequency chargers to suit many applications.

NEOS picture - WB Powersource

Our NEOS charger is a highly versatile single phase charger which can be mounted either onboard or offboard to suit your requirement.  It is IP67 rated and is available in options from 24v to 48v and to suit battery capacities up to 600ah, making it ideal for many applications.  It is powered by a standard three pin UK mains plug so is the ideal short term hire charger also. 
Click here for the technical specification.

Kronos1b - WB Powersource

Our KRONOS charger is a single or three phase multi-voltage charger designed for wall mounting and comes complete with pre-programmed charging options to suit wet, gel or agm products.  It also has options to recover sulphated or over discharged batteries on a easily navigable menu. 
Click here for the technical specification.

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