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CAT2 - WB Powersource - lithium battery
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WB Powersource are working in partnership with Endurance Lithium to ensure that we can offer the best lithium solution to suit your application.  Whether it is to fit a bespoke truck, or to retrofit an older lead acid truck to newer lithium specifications we can source the right product to suit your application. Please contact us for details.

We offer LifePO4 which has a life span of over 5000 cycles compared to a lead acid battery which has around 1500 before it needs replacing, combine this with around 30% more energy efficiency and the capacity of faster charging and it can significantly improve the way you operate and reduce your operating costs in the long term, in conjunction with a change to your existing working practices.

All of our lithium options come with GPRS, modem and router for 24/7 monitoring - software updates can be automatically downloaded to our devices to ensure that they are kept up to date and secure.  Battery health is automatically monitored by our online servers and by the display which is fitted to the truck and communicated directly to the battery.

Our batteries are permanently connected to the truck and have an additional plug and harness for charging, to eliminate any risk of customer error on site.

WB Powersource may also be able to source and repair your existing lithium battery, replacing modules or cells as required and balance charging them before retrofitting them back into your fork lift and PPT.

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