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R E N T A L 

WB Powersource - battery rental
NEOS picture - WB Powersource

WB Powersource stock all of the popular BS and DIN specification wet acid batteries for immediate fitting.  For peak use we can offer short term and long term rental batteries from 12 weeks to 5 years to suit your particular requirements.

Our extensive range of rental batteries are supplied in our easily recognisable silver trays, fully charged and ready to start work as soon as they arrive. 

All of our batteries are of a bolted design to eliminate the need for any "hot work" and can be fitted with low or high pressure topping systems to suit your requirement.
They are also compatible for air systems and come complete with a new DC plug and harness to suit your truck.

We can also offer a range of single and three phase HF chargers from 24v to 48v that can charge up to 600ah that are perfectly suited if you need additional chargers on site. Being IP67 rated they can be installed inside or outdoors on any convenient standard power supply.
Click here to download the charger data sheet.

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